Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crafty_Artsy: Gift Tag Replacement!

I've seen this post from pinterest, and it is quite pretty cool instead of just writing the name of the receiver and the giver in a gift tag, ayt? :) ...

If one day you'll receive a gift from me with this wrapper that means nagtitipid ako sa wrapper, este nagpapaka-creative ako sa wrapper... haha!

As curious as I am, I browse the page and look what I did! I've tried it but not for the same purpose as above but for vanity I guess. haha! I want to see my name in a puzzle and I included my friends' also. ^_^

I've found mine and Jei's! The font is kinda small, nakakaduling! =))

Yabangz, try to spot above your name too! :) ...

And for those who want to create personalized puzzle in a click, you may check their website here: discovery education

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