Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Will be Missed

One of the country's institution in show business, Rodolfo "Dolphy" Vera Quizon passes away yesterday, July 10, at the age of 83. Dubbed as the comedy king, his Pinoy fans still hoped for his recovery when the news spread that his health conditions is not going well a few weeks ago.

I've never met the comedy king in person, I just knew him through his movies and sitcoms but somehow he influenced me and most of the Filipinos if not all. His comedic antics and realistic acting will simply melt you into laughter. He has a lot of sitcoms but the one that really made an impression in me is Home along da Riles w/c aired every Wednesday (I think! can't really recall the day!haha)during the 90's (my age shows!gosh hehe). For the younger ones who didn't have a chance to see it, it's about Mang Kevin Cosme, a widow, who lives along the railroad with his children and neighbor sister-in law Azon, twin sister of his wife. Their life is a typical poor family struggling to make both ends meet. But despite that, the family remains intact and happy. And I think that is what some of the families today is missing out, happines and keeping the family together. In his real life I'd like to believe that he lived like Mang Cosme, not as the poor family guy, but as the father who keeps his family close. It is somehow evident in the Quizon's clan. And I wish this could be one of the last thing that the comedy king can impart to us.

We will surely miss you mang Kevin Cosme! The Philippines' president of happiness.

"In his honor, smile at the person next to you." Eric Quizon on Dolphy’s passing

Dolphy (photo from Yahoo! Philippines website)

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